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Building Engaging and Addictive Games on Mobiles

Mobile Games are the most used application on any Mobile. Today they surpass even the number of minutes you call or smsthat you send from a mobile. People have become quite addictive and more engaged into games which they get attached to. At Heurion we help you build games that could engage your customers and make them addicted to your games.

Heurion has gained far expertise in developing games for both Android and IPhone/Ipad devices effectively. Some of our games are

Strategy Games
Motion Games
Action Games

At Heurion Games are not just built for customer entertainment, We also build games where Branding and Engagement is into action. For example if you are an E-Commerce website and you want to engage your customer then we help you build some games around the products that you sell, so that they register in your customer’s mind and probably come over and purchase. Secondly is to give discounts and offers when they reach any particular levels so that you have repeated customers.

What does it take to build a Game?

Each type of game could be built differently and suiting the needs of the target user. At Heurion we help you build all ends of a particular game. By large to build a game you need

Character Design
Background Design
Game Engine
Physics Engine
Target Device

Technologies We use

Games are built using various technologies. They can be

Simple Games using Gestures like Tap and Swipe
Complex Motion games which makes use of Native Accelerometer
3D Games that uses OPENGELS and frameworks such as Unity3D or Torque
2D Games that uses Native SDKs as well as Frameworks such as Carona, Cocos2D, etc.,
Motion Games which have physics and mathematics involved can be built using Frameworks such as Box2D
Mobile browser games using technologies such as HTML5, Javascript, etc.,

Let us help you launch your Game idea onto the marketplace. We not want to make you a game, but we strive to make it success in the market place.Get Free Quote

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