Rails Performance Management Tools: Flay, Flog

Offcourse there are many performance management tools but i am jotting here down Flog and Flay that i have worked on. To adhere to Rails Best Practices these two tools are simple enough to provide an insight for how to refactor the code for making testing effective. 1) Flog It essentially scores an ABC Metric, giving a good understanding of the overall code complexity of any given file or[...]


Ruby On Rails Pinging a host to check connectivity

We can ping a host using commands on console; but some time in our apps we need to confirm the host connectivity specially in REST kind of works. So, we need to do the following to ascertain network connectivity. require 'ping' Ping.pingecho(url_host, timeout, url_port) It returns boolean value. In case of false state, it will keep on pinging within specified timeout. You can ping to a pa[...]