Heurion Consulting provides Information Technology Consulting services, Engineering services, and Business Process services for organizations in need of outsourcing opportunities. Outsourcing liberates the companies from the drudgery of day to day processing or developing infrastructure and allows them to focus on their Clients needs. This helps organizations to operate more efficiently and produce more value.
Heurion Consulting offers solutions to any businesses who wish to leverage our highly trained staff to build better businesses at a minimal cost.

  • Benefits: Heurion Consulting Solutions offer a number of key benefits.
  • Expertise:We leverage highly qualified professionals provide job accuracy.
  • Communication: We ensure that our Clients are aware of the status of work at all times.
  • Performance: Our teams can turn around work at a remarkable rate with high efficiency and productivity.
  • Cost Effective: We benefit from a competitive workforce based in India.

Our Advantage

Heurion Consulting believes in providing total solutions to any businesses in any part of the world.
To provide the best of solutions (Heuristic approach) we have the following assets:

  • Customer driven environment.
  • Attention to Detail.
  • Sixth Sense.
  • Time Management.
  • Extra Mile.
  • Proactive and facilitating collaboration.
  • Use Cutting edge solutions.
  • High Integrity.


Heurion Consulting is managed by people who have good exposure in the industry and have had time tested experienced in the market before setting up the organization. The company was setup in 2006 and it has seen growth every year. We have doubled our revenues every year adding more and more clients to its clientele.

Satish N Kota is the Promoter and Managing Director of Heurion Consulting. He has about 12 years of experience in Developing Applications in the IT Industries and has held various posts in small to large organizations during his career. He is known for his dynamism, pro-activeness and speed of execution. Satish is always accessible and is ready to talk on anything but can give advice on some things. Satish is the Main Architect and the Visionary behind the success of Heurion Consulting. Satish Holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical engineering from Bangalore University.

Prasad Thimmaiah is the Business Development Manager of Heurion and takes care of complete Business Development of the organization which includes Client Management, New Acquisitions, and Ensuring all activities are being executed correctly from time to time.